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Significant Moments

Eye to eye, I stood staring at an 800 pound, beautiful bull elk. I still have no idea how the beast of an animal got within ten yards of me without making a sound. My bow was at my side, but the bull caught me so unprepared, the likelihood of getting a shot off without the incredible animal bolting down the hill were pretty much nil. My shoulders sunk with the disappointment, but the scenario got me thinking. God loves to take our journeys through life and expose us to […]

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I Wonder?

Don’t you love memories you can smell? It was Christmas time, and I was eight, maybe nine. I was standing outside my grandparent’s house, peering in at their large, blinking, light-littered tree as if staring at a life-sized Norman Rockwell painting in progress. The tree stood tall and proud in their living room, generations of glitter-covered popsicle-sticks decorating the branches. The farm house my grandparents owned had a huge bay window that could be seen from any angle on the front side of the house. A tree had been placed […]

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