Master to Messiah Day 20




Week 4 >> Day 5


Soon after the experience at the Mount of Transfiguration, Jesus would set his eyes to Jerusalem. He and the disciples would begin the final trek. Over three years they had walked from Jerusalem to the Galilee, from Cana to Samaria. They had seen family healed, the dead raised, storms calmed, leaders rebuked, and Old Testament prophecy fulfilled. Peter and the disciples did not know what lay ahead, but their experiences over the past three years gave them faith to keep following in anticipation. They were secure in the knowledge that they walked with the Messiah!

Today, we don’t have Jesus physically walking with us, but as believers, we do have the Holy Spirit to accompany us on our journey, wherever we may go or whatever we may experience with the Lord. We also have the benefit of hindsight that the disciples did not have. We have great eyewitness accounts, in the Gospels, of Jesus’ journey with His disciples. We can look at the timeline and see how intentionally Jesus led them. We know the amazing work that Jesus accomplished on the cross.

After spending time with these stories, we see clearly that Peter’s faith in Christ grew as he walked with Him each day. Peter’s understanding of who Jesus was went from Jesus, my master, to Jesus, the Messiah! Like Peter, as we spend time with Christ, listening to Him, watching Him at work around us and in us, joining Him as He calls us to, our faith will continue to grow. We will fully understand that Jesus is not just our master, to be obeyed, but He is our savior, redeemer, and deliverer who is worthy of our complete devotion. He is our Messiah!


When Peter confesses that Jesus is “the Messiah, the Son of the living God,” Jesus tells Peter that His Father in heaven revealed this knowledge to him.

  • In what ways does God reveal the true identity of Jesus to you?
  • How has your personal understanding of who Jesus is changed throughout this devotional series?
  • Have your relationships with others changed as a result?


Peter’s relationship with Jesus changed the entire course of his life. Peter, the obscure fisherman from Galilee, became Peter the foundational leader of the early church.

  • What effect has your relationship with Jesus had on your life? Are you the same person you would have been, had you not known Jesus?
  • How will you approach tomorrow, next week, and next year differently because of your current understanding of who Jesus is?

Pray that we will display evidence of a richer, fuller understanding of Jesus the Messiah in all that we do and say.

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