Master to Messiah Day 15


Week 3 >> Day 5


As the final year of His ministry on earth begins, Jesus teaches more about faith and the Kingdom of God, often teaching in parables. Jesus shows His authority over the things of the earth, and He involves the disciples in meeting the needs of the people. With great intentionality, Jesus has lead the disciples to being on mission with Him.


When we think of the Sea of Galilee, we picture a peaceful, tranquil lake where small fishing boats float along the quiet shore. In actuality, it is over thirteen miles long, more than eight miles wide, and is surrounded by hills and mountains. The topography makes it quite beautiful, but also subject to sudden and violent storms. One of these storms tests the faith of the disciples in one of the stories we read this week. Our lives may be peaceful and tranquil one day and tossed by furious storms the next. Like the disciples, our faith is tested during the storms.

  • What turbulent and unanticipated events in your life leave you feeling anxious or terrified?
  • What steady promises from God’s Word can you cling to when your life suddenly becomes stormy?


As we read through these stories, we see Jesus doing everything He says He will do. He fulfills Old Testament prophecies. He performs unbelievable miracles. He is never once proven false. Our faith is not based on a human theory or an unproved leader. Every time the disciples begin to fret or waver, they just have to look to Jesus to be set straight. The same is true for us today. When you feel your heart rate increasing and your pulse quickening, just call out the name of Jesus. He is faithful to us. We just need to have faith in Him.

Pray that we would be known for our unwavering faith in Jesus.

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