Master to Messiah Day 10



Week 2 >> Day 5


Jesus continues to do ministry very differently than the disciples are used to in their Jewish culture. The disciples travel with Jesus, and He prepares them by constantly challenging their worldviews. Jesus sees that some of the men are still following and learning. He chooses twelve and appoints them as disciples.


Because the disciples have now spent nearly two years walking on dusty roads with Jesus, watching Jesus care for the afflicted, seeing Jesus heal the wounded, and listening to Jesus speak the truth; we can assume that they have developed a solid relationship with Him. In fact, Jesus even has nicknames for James and John! Jesus is a little different than anyone they’ve ever met, but they are beginning to think more like He does with every passing day. When we spend time with Jesus, He changes us. He challenges us to model our lives after Him.

  • What habits or spiritual disciplines are you cultivating that will help you develop a close relationship with Jesus?
  • Has there been a shift in your priorities to indicate that you are becoming more like Him each day?


The disciples had many conversations with Jesus during their travels. We can have a conversation with Him through prayer at any time, but we often fall into the bad habit of doing all the talking in our prayers. A deepening relationship requires talking and listening from both parties. As you pray this week, be conscious of spending at least as much time listening to God as you spend talking to God.

Pray that we would become more like Jesus as we spend time talking with Him and listening to Him.

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