Master to Messiah Day 5


Week 1 >> Day 5


In the stories for this week, we have seen Jesus come on the scene and begin to challenge the way the people think about and view God. Peter and others have decided that His teachings are compelling enough that they want to follow him. Jesus changes them from early on, going as far as changing Simon’s name to Peter.

As more people begin to follow Him, they see Jesus challenging religion, class, and culture. Jesus demonstrates a new method of ministry through His words, attitudes, and actions. In fact, He approaches everything differently than the disciples and His followers expect Him to.


Imagine that you are a Jew in the first century, observing these events first-hand. For most of your life, you have heard about the promised Messiah, who will be sent by God to save His people.

  • What would be going through your mind when John the Baptist declares that Jesus is the Messiah?
  •  Would you have believed that Jesus was the savior Israel had been waiting for?
  • Do you think you would have followed Jesus and brought others to meet Him like Andrew did?

Today, we have the advantage of knowing the full story of Jesus’ ministry on earth and how He fulfilled many prophecies. We have the entirety of God’s Word available to us in many languages and formats. Many of us even carry it with us in our pocket on a mobile device! Believers have the indwelling Holy Spirit to guide us to truth and discernment.

  • Today, in your spiritual walk, who is Jesus to you?
  • Do you believe that He is the savior you have been waiting for?
  • What has following Jesus looked like for you up to this point in your life as a disciple?


Jesus changed Simon’s name to Peter to reflect the changes He would make in Peter’s character throughout their journey.

  • If you have been journeying with Jesus, how has following Jesus changed your character?
  • What outward, visible change do you need to make to reflect the inner change that Jesus is making in you?
  • How will that affect your relationships with those closest to you?

Pray that we would examine our lives with fresh eyes based on this week’s stories and that we would ask Him to change any behaviors or beliefs that are not pleasing to God.

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