Traits of God – Generosity

bag-15841_1920Several weeks ago my wife took my daughters to the mall on a rainy day. They were having some quality Mom/Daughter time. When they returned, my girls were excited to share with me a gift they bought for me. It was a simple gift that cost very little, but it definitely represented me and I was touched that they had me in mind when they bought it. It was a sacrifice for them to spend their own money on the gift. I love seeing my kids think of others and show a heart of generosity. I began to think about the Lord and whether he viewed the gifts I give back to him the same way.

The next characteristic of God that I wanted to focus on is generosity. Rarely do we focus on that fact that God is incredibly giving. I believe I have taken God’s generosity for granted. If not for God’s incredible generosity toward us we would have nothing, our very breath included. God wants us to be generous like He is. Jesus expressed this attribute of God in a beautiful way. Jesus Christ’s ministry was filled with examples of God’s incredible heart to give to His children. He served, loved and ministered continually as He walked along the way. In Mark 5 we see Him heal one woman as He was headed to raise another from the dead. Jesus modeled this amazing attitude and posture of giving that we are to live out as well.

We serve an incredibly generous God and I am so thankful for all He has given me. In His very nature He is generous and I hope that continues to change me.

  • Would people characterize you as generous?
  • If you are a disciple of Jesus Christ and you meditate on the fact that he created, owns and has given you all that you have, how does that impact you?
  • How does it impact the way you will give back to God?
  • How does it impact the way you will interact with others?

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