Traits of God – Faithfulness

happy-805475_1920The last few weeks I have been blogging about some of God’s characteristics. We’ve looked at the awesomeness of God and His incredible mercy. This week’s characteristic is faithfulness. When I think of God’s consistent, unshakable faithfulness to us, His children, I am reminded of how He fills in the gaps for me as a parent.

Emma, my oldest, was turning 3 years old. Our house was filled with grandparents and friends. My wife, Amber, had worked hard all day on the cake, and decorations were placed all over the house. I still remember the day well because of two key events. One was the cake Amber made. It was a work of art. Perfectly sculpted pink frosting, sprinkles and a big number 3 standing tall on top. I remember Emma continued to take each person by the hand and walk him or her over to the cake. “See my cake, see my cake, I’m 3!” She would jump up and down and then go to the next person.

The birthday went off without a hitch. She opened her presents, her grandparents and her mom took thousands of pictures, we ate that beautiful cake and it was a great day. Then the second event occurred….

Everyone except Amber’s parents had left and it was getting late. I had put Emma to bed and we all were a bit exhausted from the day. I went back in to pray with Emma and this sweet little 3 year old was lying in her bed with a sad look on her face. I will never forget what happened next.

“Emma honey you look sad, what’s the matter.” I asked.

“Daddy, everyone forgot to sing happy birthday to me.” She said.

It was at that moment my heart sank. Like a punch in the gut. Quickly my mind began racing like a Rolodex on hyper-drive. To my horror I realized she was right. We had totally dropped the ball. It was a simple oversight. Believe it or not, we just forgot.

“Oh my gosh honey, hold on, daddy will be right back.” I said.

I jumped up from kneeling beside her bed and ran into the living room. I announced to my wife and her parents the huge mistake we made. They were as horrified and shocked as I was. I did the only thing I could think of at that moment and ran back into the bedroom and swooped her out of bed and paraded her back into the living room. We set her on the kitchen counter and sang happy birthday at the top of our lungs. Emma smiled, giggled, and life was all good again. To this day I tear up even thinking about that sad little face on my baby girl.

So how in the world does this teach us about God’s faithfulness?

Well for one, He sure doesn’t forget the little things that are so important to us. Everything that God has promised will come to pass. His faithfulness is eternal and part of who He is. He does not lie. What He declares about Himself is true. The Bible tells us that God is truth and even Jesus said HE is the Truth. As a disciple of Jesus we put our hope in His ability to uphold what He says. He will honor His promises and assures that, as Christ Followers, we will live with Him forever.

See, God doesn’t forget to sing Happy Birthday (figuratively speaking.) I’m glad God doesn’t forget His promises. When I come up short as a father, He fills in the gaps. We are flawed and forget. He does not. He keeps His Word. When He makes a promise, He will deliver. Faithfulness does not mean that He is “full of faith,” but rather, God is “worthy of our faith.” God’s faithfulness reminds me that I am loved and watched over by a God that does not forget or make simple mistakes. This becomes foundational to our own faith. I can truly follow Him because HE IS FAITHFUL.

So the next time you fall short or come up lacking remember – God is faithful – because of who He is, not because of who you are or what you have done.

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