Traits of God – He is Awesome

IMG_0251I stood on top of a high peak in Idaho and gazed at God’s incredible creation. The blue sky joined the evergreen mountain tops on a hazy horizon. The place I stood overlooked some incredible peaks and valleys that held numerous species of different animals. Deep green forests seemed to go on forever and I remember feeling so incredibly small. The vastness of God’s handiwork seems impossible to describe. I was only seeing a fraction of Idaho, let alone the entire Rocky Mountains. I kept thinking of the words written by King David in Psalm 8:4 “What is man that you are mindful of him?”

While pondering my “speckness” the word that kept coming to mind was “awesome.” Places like this can be almost overwhelming. They inspire, motivate and can leave us with a perspective that is healthy. We are finite. God is infinite. I remembered something my mentor, Dan Lynch, would say. Whenever someone around him would use the term “awesome” in any context other than God he would quickly correct. Once I described a steak that I grilled the night before as awesome.

“No, it was good or wonderful, God is the only thing that is awesome.” Dan said. I smiled and honestly kinda blew it off. Thinking that maybe my mentor was being a little extreme. I mean, come on, the steak was better than just good. Then I made the mistake of studying the word and finding, once again, that he was right.

Proverbs 1:7 declares, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge.” Until we understand who God is and develop a reverential fear of Him, we cannot have true wisdom. When I studied awesomeness, or fearing the Lord, it led me to the Hebrew word “gur.” It appears 10 times in the Old Testament. It is not about running and hiding from Him because God is a cosmic Boogey man and I need to hide in fear. It’s a fear that leads us to humility and awe. It’s the understanding that the only thing that truly leads man to a place of awe is God. It is a longing to pursue and know this incredibly awesome God. In the coming weeks I want to explore with you a few of the words that describe our God, who, when followed or sought out, will leave you in a place of awe.

For you today, in your own walk, how has God left you in a place of awe? Maybe you have lost that reverent fear of the Lord and God has become like a sidekick to your daily life? Maybe he has even been set aside for your own pursuits or plans? I hope to challenge you to engage in a pursuit of God’s awesomeness. I promise if you do He will lead you to a place that leaves you marveling at Him.

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