water-459352_1920Probably 10 years ago, along with my dad and several hunting buddies, we cut a trail down into a deep canyon that we knew held a number of elk. It was so far away and the brushy terrain kept anyone from getting down to them, let alone hike back out. We spent the better part of day hacking and trimming a new trail through the brush to reach the dark timber at the back of this incredible canyon. Once there. we found what looked like a wildlife paradise. I will never forget when I first saw one of the most picturesque nature scenes in my 30 years of being in the woods. There is a place where a stream literally came right out of the mountain. This incredible, clear, cold liquid cascaded around huge boulders, beginning the headwaters of what would later become a major stream.

We know that water is essential for all life. The need for it becomes evident to us on days like the one I am talking about. We were working hard, hiking in 90 degree temperatures. I had drunk most of the water in my pack, reserving some for the hike out in case we did not find any on the hike in.

I remember the first time I hopped over several logs and made my way up to the exact spot the water ran out of the mountain. A small pool was formed as the tiny waterfall ran its constant flow. I am not sure if it was because I was so tired and thirsty from the hard day of clearing trail or if the water was just that good. It almost hurt when it hit the back of my throat, and I was almost positive a brain freeze headache was coming. It was the single best drink of water I ever had.

Over the last few months I have spent time studying and teaching the life of King David. Different springs are mentioned in his travels. I often wonder if those springs that exist out in the desert were like that for those men. Traveling in the heat and dry desert and then finding a cool spring would be more than just life rejuvenating, they were life saving. The springs were vital for physical survival.

I cannot help but make another connection to Jesus, who is called “Living Water.” In John 4, Jesus calls Himself a well that provides a type of water that if someone drinks of it they will never thirst. As great as that spring I found was, and as incredible the water tasted, I still became thirsty. Even on the hike out that day I needed to drink more water because my physical body was using water at an incredible rate due to the steep climb and high temperatures.

Jesus is a wellspring of life. He is the source of spiritual life, and when we are connected to Him spiritually He provides for us in ways only He can. Jesus provides spiritual life, yet sometimes I find myself turning to things of this world for spiritual life. When I look to man for my worth, or to others for truth, rather than the author of truth; I am turning to a well that is a mirage. It’s a mouthful of sand. How is Jesus your wellspring of life? Are you turning to Him for everlasting spiritual water?

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