Reach the Lost

forest-1031022_1920Growing up, my greatest fear was being lost. It terrified me so much at times while hunting as a young boy, I considered never going in the woods. The fear would grip my heart so tightly, I would be consumed in a panic attack. It took years of maturing and battling that fear to conquer it. Today I love the outdoors and the adventure of traversing God’s creation.

When I think of people lost and separated from God, my heart aches with those similar feelings of fear I had as a boy walking through the wood. My stomach sinks as I consider that those who are spiritually lost have no idea of the perilous state they are in. It touches a place in my own soul that I believe drives some of my calling in Christian ministry.

The last two weeks I have presented the idea of spiritual guardrails. I encourage you to go back and read those posts. Spiritual guardrails are essential to walking a healthy road of being a disciple and discipling others. Reaching the lost is the next guardrail.

Standing on a street corner declaring the Gospel or handing out literature that outlines the path to salvation are methods people have used for years. I commend such people for their diligence and courage. I want to suggest a bigger, more holistic approach to our second guardrail.

When Jesus walked on this earth with His disciples, he modeled a method of ministry that embodied the message he preached. His very life reflected the truth of the Gospel. The message of the Gospel is woven like a fabric with the concepts of grace, love, truth, forgiveness, and mercy. Jesus demonstrated in tangible ways each of those concepts so that the Gospel became alive. The Message of Jesus Christ was lived out in the Method of Jesus Christ.

The way he diffused the situation with the woman caught in adultery, gently but firmly revealed the sinful lifestyle of the woman at the well, or marveled at the faith of the Roman Centurion and healed his servant – Jesus lived the message of the Gospel. He was the embodiment of the message. So when he told his disciples to go and preach the Kingdom of God, I believe he meant for them to not only teach the Gospel with their words, but also to example the Gospel in the way they lived their lives.

Today, you and I, if we are Christ followers, are called to go and make disciples of Jesus Christ. We are also told to be imitators of Jesus.

I encourage each of you this week to go out into the world and share your life with those that you come in contact with. Be the message of Christ as you walk out the methods of Christ.

Here are some ideas of ways you could share truth by sharing your life:

  • Pray for the salvation of those you know are separated from God. But don’t stop there, maybe call them or take them to lunch and just care for them.
  • Make a meal for someone that is hurting, ill, or lost a job.
  • Write words of encouragement to someone who may need affirmation.

Live the example of our Messiah and watch the impact HE has on the world around you.

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