“I AM”


Defining oneself by what you do is common. I am a doctor, lawyer, pastor or even an outdoorsman. We introduce ourselves based on what we do. Last week I had the opportunity to preach at an outdoorsman event. Each man I met there identified himself as an avid fisherman, duck hunter, or the occupation they held.

My time came to stand up in front and deliver a message about Jesus Christ and His influence in my life. When the director of the event introduced me as a pastor, speaker, author and an avid outdoorsman. I wrestled with this while walking to the stage. Is that what defines me?

This topic was fresh in my mind because I have been studying God as “the I AM.” We declare the I am statement for ourselves as something being true. It is something that describes us as individuals. If I am something — I am a male or I am an American, I am a pastor, I am a bow hunter, each of these are true for me. Now think about the context when God replies to Moses in Exodus 3:14, “Tell the people I AM who I AM.” As I have studied that idea I have found myself in a place of more humility and awe of God than ever before.

Some of the implications that come attached to God’s statement about himself are incredible:

  1. God alone is.  Each of us work at becoming something. We are born, we grow up, we learn and we come into who we are. Not so with God. God simply is! He always has been and always will be. God doesn’t need to learn, take a class or ponder his mistakes. He is and will always be perfect.
  2. God is unchanging. We change continually. Our ideals, morals or even our character may change. God does not. Again he simply is. Regardless of the circumstance or world event God does not change and will always remain Holy and righteous.
  3. God draws near to us. We often struggle and run from God (whether we know it or not). We focus on our career or hobby and we push God aside. While he continues to draw near to us. His ultimate expression as The I AM is in Jesus Christ. He gave His Only Son for us and demonstrated He truly is the Great I AM.

My hope this week is to remember that God alone is. He is unchanging and draws near to me. He does not judge me based on what I do but loves me for who HE created me to be. My prayer for you this week would be to focus on Him, the Great I AM and find your identity not in a nametag or nationality, but in the one who created you.

Brandon Guindon


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