A Simple Life

shutterstock_336732701Is life more convenient today? Do we have it easier than those that plowed dirt with their livestock or canned their own vegetables? My kids have often told me that I was born in the wrong century. I’m not quite sure how to take that, but I know there is some truth in it. I love the simplicity of life in spite of the hardships that presented themselves for those that lived off the land. Maybe you are like me. Are there times you find yourself wanting to take anything that requires battery power and throw it away? I often wish I did grow up in a time that seems less convenient by today’s standards. The confusing part for me, though, is that I still find myself chasing the latest gadget that should make life “more simple.” Just look at our phones today. They are nearly miraculous in what they can do in seconds. This road of convenience seems so attractive, yet it increasingly complicates life. So, again I wonder, do we have more care free and productive lives due to the incredible technology surrounding our every move?

Some of you may have already chuckled at the notion that today is simpler due to our technology. A classic example of this happened to me several years ago when I was hunting. A friend arrived at our campsite with his new travel trailer, bristling with every bell and whistle the modern world had to offer. I, unlike him had my fancy-dancy tent. A good, ole fashioned, wake up in the morning freezing cold, tent. I remember grumbling to myself, wishing some day I could afford a trailer like his. With the travel trailer, though, came a lot of maintenance. Great advantages for sure, but also some pretty intricate systems to navigate.

In my walk with Jesus, I regularly find myself caught in a web of complexity. I keep trying to balance the pressures of our world with the quietness Jesus calls me to. I keep battling what the world says is “helpful” and “easy” because I know that most times, it’s really just the opposite. When Jesus called the disciples and sent them out, He often spoke of simplicity. They had to leave certain items behind, and trust in Him to provide. The Holy Spirit seems to be working overtime in my life right now, calling me to do the same. I need to simplify my life so that I can be a better follower.

Are there some things in your life that you need to simplify? I think we all have them. What about a relationship that is draining you? How about a job that takes too many hours away from your family? Whatever it is, remember this. Sometimes sleeping in a tent makes life a little less complicated.

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