Brandon huntingBow season! Very few things on the calendar do I anticipate more. In the coming days, I will return back to my old home in North Idaho and venture into God’s beautiful creation in search of the elusive elk. It’s where my soul recharges, and I draw close to God in ways I just cannot do when surrounded by concrete. The anticipation of going and preparing all of my gear gets my heart going.

The last few weeks, I have spent many evenings in my backyard shooting my bow in preparation of the hunt. I hone my skills, make sure my bow is sighted in and my arrows are flying true. Along with that, I begin gathering up my clothing and going through my hunting pack, ensuring the basics are there. Knives sharp? Check. Flashlight batteries charged? Check. Extra rope, trail flagging and waterproof matches ready? Check.

A successful hunt depends on preparation. Taking an elk down with a bow in North Idaho is one of the most challenging things a person can do in North American hunting. You don’t just wander through the woods and find elk prancing all around. Experience and preparation are keys to any consistent success.

Our walk with Jesus is no different. I believe a successful spiritual life depends on preparation as well. Jesus calls us to not only be prepared for His return, but also prepared for Him to use us in everyday life. He tells us to be dressed and ready, with lamps lit. Godly preparation is about cleaning out old, broken worldviews or habits and replacing them with productive beliefs that are based on God’s Word. These habits produce Godly living and shape our character.

Over the years, I have met some incredible bow hunters, and each of these guys puts in consistent preparation for the hunt. Likewise, I have met some incredibly, godly men and women, and they too have a disciplined life of “being prepared.”

So, for the sake of application, I wanted to add a list of ideas that might help you evaluate and make better preparations for God’s work in your life.

  1. Make yourself available by being more disciplined with your time. Carve out time to be in the Word, and join a small group in your church.
  2. Commit to being more teachable and learn something new about God. Study the Word, and research a new Christian book to read.
  3. Begin serving in a ministry at your church.
  4. Set a day to fast. Fasting can be a wonderful spiritual experience and can help grow your discipline in hearing God’s voice.

How are you preparing?

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