shutterstock_63572566In November of 2007 our family changed greatly! God gave us a new son, Garrett Tameru Michael Guindon, not from Amber and I, but through the process of adoption. We were blessed to become the parents of this sweet little boy from Ethiopia. What an incredible journey adoption can be! For me, it has been a journey of instruction as I learn about God’s relationship with me.

The parallels between cultivating vines, adoption, and our relationship with Jesus are amazing. New branches are often grafted onto healthy vines to produce better fruit. This process helps with disease prevention and pest resistance. These newly grafted vines mature faster and are just better!

My son was adopted into a new family, grafted in, and his life drastically changed. He went from living in severe poverty, subjected to incredible dangers, disease and malnutrition, to living in a family that provides and protects him from the things that once threatened his life. We will never know where he “would have” ended up had God not grafted him into our family. My guess is that he is now significantly better off, both physically and spiritually.

The spiritual parallels continue. Understanding the incredible sacrificial act Jesus endured on the cross for us, has a depth that I cannot fathom. What I do know is that act provided the opportunity for you and I to be adopted into the family of God. Believers in Christ have been grafted in to the family. Once subject to the harsh realities of spiritual death, we now have an incredible, abundant opportunity for spiritual growth.

Jesus tells us to abide in him we must remain connected to the vine. As we stay in close proximity to him, we become much like a grafted in branch. We become much more resistant to spiritual disease and mature more quickly. We produce high quality fruit that impacts the world around us, fruit that can only come from Jesus, because we are grafted in.

My son will never fully know what God saved him from physically by taking him out of the conditions he was in. Likewise, I am not sure I can ever understand the depth of what God saved me from spiritually by His work on the cross. I know that my life is fuller, more fruitful, and stronger, and I know that both you and I can praise him for grafting us in to the true vine.

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