What Path Should I Take?


Tony and I finished our prayers, lifted our heads and looked at each other with great satisfaction. We had located the beautiful bull elk the Lord blessed him with that day. My great friend and hunting partner, Tony, had just harvested his first trophy elk, and I could not have been happier for my friend. We had worked hard and executed our strategy. Even more importantly, Tony had prepared himself by knowing which trail was the right one to stand on.

By nine o’clock that morning, Tony and I had worked our way down one of our favorite ridges, expecting to find the elk below. We had heard the bull we wanted at first light. He sounded off with a majestic bugle, and we spent the next few hours patiently moving into a position for me to call the bull into bow range. Tony crept several yards out ahead of me as I sat back and tried my best to sound like a herd of elk moving through the timber. The bull responded immediately, and we heard him making his way to our position.

As I watched, Tony began to prepare himself.   I noticed how he made several critical decisions that would set him up for success. Checking wind direction, moving to a key spot near an opening and moving off of the main game trail, Tony was in a spot Hunting for Dummies couldn’t have described better. I continued to call, and soon I spied the white tips of the bull elk’s antlers coming through the dense forest.

The elk paused, let out one small grunt, and then trotted into a cramped opening. The bull couldn’t have picked a more perfect location. I called one more time, just to get him to stop and look in my direction. The bull had no idea that Tony was only 12 yards from him, camouflaged in the dense cover. Tony drew back and executed the shot perfectly.   As a team, we were rewarded with an outdoorsman’s greatest prize.

I reflect on that day with fond memories and cannot help but make spiritual applications for today. I often want the Lord to show me which path to take.

God, what do you want me to do? It’s got to be one of my favorite questions. I can’t tell you how many times I have asked Him. All too often, though, I’m met with silence. I’m starting to wonder if I’m asking the wrong question, or at a minimum taking a selfish approach. I now believe a better petition to the Lord is, God prepare me to know which path to take.

I think my time would be better spent seeking the tools only God can give, so that I can discern the right path, rather than just demand an answer. My friend, Tony, equipped himself to be a successful hunter with the right tools, knowledge and a trusted friend. And like Tony, each of us must prepare ourselves for the twists and turns of life, and especially for the “Y” in the trail.

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  1. I think discovering the right path is a dilemma for most Christians. Do I ask for a supernatural experience? Do I ask for Scripture to leap off the page? Do I look for signs and comments from respected Christians? Do I analyze my problem and move ahead because my choice sounds good? Perhaps, “God prepare me to know which path to take,” is the wisest counsel.


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